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January 31, 2024 2 min read

Sylvie Bridal Collection

What makes the Sylvie brand special is their love of love. After Sylvie was proposed to by the love her life, Ian, they teamed up professionally to create the Sylvie Collection. Their goal was to make women’s dreams come true. Today, they accomplish this with one of the world’s only woman-owned bridal jewelry brands. The craftsmanship dedicated to each ring is extensive, including inspection by Sylvie herself to ensure that each ring is made to her exact specifications. This labor of love keeps the Sylvie brand true to their purpose: designed by a woman, for a woman.

Meant to Be

Sylvie and Ian met for the first time in Tel Aviv, Israel at the wedding of mutual friends. While Sylvie was living in Belgium and Ian in the U.S., they continued a long-distance courtship for one year. However, they knew they had to be together, and a year later they returned to Tel Aviv, where Ian proposed. Soon after, their shared passion led them to launch the Sylvie Collection together.

Sylvie already had 20 years in the diamond industry when she began designing her own rings. She knew what worked, and what didn’t. She focused her diamond jewelry design on comfort for a seamless fit to a woman’s hand and on intricate detailing that sets her apart from other designers. Her acuity and flexibility in design keeps her ahead of the latest diamond trends for enduring designs that are current to the moment.

Conflict Free Diamonds

When you purchase a Sylvie diamond ring, you can rest assured that the precious stones included in her designs are ethically sourced. These conflict free diamonds are of the highest quality among diamonds globally.

Flawless Custom Jewelry

Sylvie works closely with her retailers including Sky Diamonds to ensure a smooth process for every custom jewelry client. Custom pieces are designed using CAD technology and 3-D printing process in which Sylvie herself tries on a wax model of the ring with all of the finished engraving and details. Once she is satisfied with the custom ring, they manufacture the ring and hand-set the diamond to ensure a flawless finish and durability for daily wear.

Sylvie Jewelry Las Vegas

We love that Sylvie’s vision started with her own story of true love. At Sky Diamonds, we believe every love story deserves to be told with beauty and perfection. That’s why we are committed to providing the finest designer and custom diamond jewelry at the best prices. To view our collection of Sylvie diamond rings, Sylvie, engagement rings, and Sylvie jewelry, call us  at (702) 527-3775 or visit our Las Vegas jewelry store located at 6539 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite C112, Las Vegas, NV 89119.